Why Yes I Will Help You

So who actually showed up to this thing?
All Questions Are Optional
Age Groups of People In Your Party

For example, families, youth groups, or really anyone who probably won't be answering this survey.

Feel free to skip or just type in '0' if not applicable.
# of 0-16 Year Old Additional Attendees

Hope they had a good time!
# of 17 - 65 Year Old Additional Attendees

Are you sure they can't handle one of these themselves?
# of 65+ Year Old Additional Attendees

I bet grandma was killing it.

Per Year, In Real Genuine United States Dollars


You were smart enough to go to Bit Bash, and that's good enough for us.

Select the highest level attained.

Where Do You Live?

Select the most precise.

Do You Consider Yourself a "Gamer"?

Isn't This Awesome!?

Game Development Experience

Do you develop games? Do you want to?

Questions About Your Bit Bash Experience

Rate The Following Aspects of Bit Bash

1 Cat meaning:
Wow you guys dropped the ball. Were you even trying?

5 Cats meaning:
How you handled this was a shining beacon of hope for humanity. Tears... forming in the corner of my eye from the glare of your greatness.
Safety / Security

Quality of Community

Did you feel accepted? Did you experience any harassment, mean spirited vibes, etc?

General Atmosphere

Did Bit Bash feel right?


Did our volunteers do your every bidding like they were mercilessly trained to do?

Game Curation

Were the games at Bit Bash actually good? Please say yes or Rob Lach (Lead Curator) will cry :,(

Gaming Experiences

Could you easily pick up and play a game?
Did you always have a partner for multiplayer games?

Musical Guests

If you stayed for the night portion, did you like the musical guests we invited?

Art Curation

Did you like the non-interactive art?


Should we find a different venue or was this one perfect?

Food Trucks

Was the food good enough for your exquisite palate?

Do you have any suggestions that would help us in being more inclusive or accessible?

We want everyone to feel invited.
When were you at Bit Bash?

Family Hour Questions

This year we tried something called "Family Hour", which let families with kids in early to get accustomed to the space without the big crowd.

I think we kinda messed it up (being like 2 hours behind on setup didn't help :( )
Did you even know about this Family Hour nonsense?

Do you think we should do it again?

Family Hour?
How long should something like this be.

We'd appreciate some suggestions regarding how to make something like this better (none of us have kids).

18+ section... amirite ;)?

Did You Experience a Side of Video Game Culture You Never Knew Existed?

Would You Attend Again?

Number of Games

Improving Bit Bash

We're looking at moving the event to a new space. Do you have any suggestions?

Event Pricing

Bit Bash transitioned to a paid event to make sure we could rent enough projectors and whatnot...

Select any of the following scenarios that you feel matches what we offer you.

How Would You Improve Bit Bash?

We'll read through everything.
Feel free to write 10000 paragraphs.
We're always looking for suggestions.
Worst Part of Bit Bash?

Best Part of Bit Bash?

Were you afraid you wouldn't be able to get in?



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